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About Us :

-Viet An Uniform  ventured into the vast world of uniforms, furnished with high standards of quality and a flair of innovation. Viet An uniform resolutes grip on these principles and has steadily crafted the brand into one that is a force to reckon with.

since 2010, Viet An Uniform   has distinguished itself among several companies, with its array of unique uniforms. what makes our product stand out, is our deep understanding of what makes a perfect uniform. while finding the precise blend of lines and colours is essential, an impeccable uniform requires a superior fabric with the right texture.

-we associate closely with renowned companies and brands, which seek our finest quality fabrics and uniforms due to its utmost supremacy which exudes from every product followed by on time delivery in order to maintain our standing with the clientele and to grow beyond.


we aim to become an acclaimed fabric brand by transforming the textile and fashion industry by creating excellent quality and designs for our customers. wanting to propagate an amalgamation of different ideas, we believe in collaborating with clients to help drive uniqueness like none other.


providing superior products with a penchant for excellence in order to grow beyond, we envision ourselves accelerating to the top and pioneering innovations in the uniform/work wear making industry.

determined to achieve our ambition, we ensure we manifest these principles:


along with being committed to offer our clients exceptional products and services, we also assure them of unsurpassed satisfaction. moreover, our way of helping clients in maximizing comfort at their workplace showcases professionalism and our dedication to work.

Understanding and development

at Viet An Uniform  , we never stop probing and examining ourselves because we believe that every day teaches you something you didn’t know yesterday. also, we give equal importance to understanding our overall consumer base, individual customers and business members across markets as it helps us provide them with the best-suited products. after all, we aim to outperform our own achievements.


doing what we do best – anticipating modification in the given field of work and familiarising ourselves with it – enables us to serve our clients better in accordance to their satisfaction. we go beyond our boundaries by coming up with forward thinking solutions and leap towards opportunities within the industry. with the inventive thoughts that fuel us, we aim to evolve with the trends and gain more business overtime.


at Viet An Uniform  , we hold integrity in the highest regard and ensure it reflects in our way of doing business while defining what we are as a brand. also, we believe in transparent policies and transactions, along with delivering products with meticulous care when it comes to our clients.


considering our clients to be our collaborators, we work with them to understand their views and opinions, while helping them accomplish their desirable work environment. for us, unyielding execution is a big no and we believe in respecting every organization’s needs and prerequisites.

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